House of Cars employees say Kevin Spacey harassed them too


Kevin Spacey sexually harassed numerous people on the House of Cards set, at least 8 people said they lived in fear of him. All eight employees called Spacey’s behavior “predatory,” saying he touched them and made inappropriate sexually related comments. The two-time Oscar winner, who is executive producer on the show, generally targeted production staff, that consisted mostly of young men. British police are currently investigating an allegation of sexual assault made against Spacey. One of the eight former and current House of Cards staffers, a production assistant, said that Spacey sexually assaulted while he was bringing the actor from an offsite location to the set. Just minutes away from their destination, with Spacey driving the car, the star of the show attempted to touch the intimate parts of the worker’s body.After helping to take Spacey’s belongings from the car to the actor’s trailer, Spacey cornered him in the trailer, he said, blocking his escape and making inappropriate contact with him. Another crew member, who has worked on House of Cards for its entire run, said Spacey routinely harassed and touched him. A former camera assistant said employees did not make the alleged incidents public because they were afraid of getting sacked.


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