The Australian same-sex marriage vote has a bigger turnout than Brexit in the UK


78% of Australians have already said their word to equal marriages. And according to the polls this word was mostly ‘yes’. The vote has no legal power itself, the parliament is to decide whether to recognized marriage equality or not, taking the public opinion into consideration, even though homophobic MPs say they won’t allow same-sex marriages whatever people say. But as for the British referendum about leaving the EU, which was official and had a legal power, only 72% of eligible Brits took part in it.

The final week’s poll, commissioned Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG), showed that among 25-34 year old, a group largely supportive of equality, just 12% re yet to vote. 68% of Australians with young children voted for equality, which is higher than the average of 66%. Meanwhile 34% of Australians have voted against same-sex marriage in the country.


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