USA government ends silence over homophobic crackdowns


The US government has been urged to end its “troubling” silence amid anti-gay crackdowns which are unfortunately rife in the world nowadays. Human rights monitors in Russia have warned about a homophobic purge in the region of Chechnya. More recently authorities in Egypt launched a crackdown on the gay community, sparked by a ‘moral panic’ over an LGBT flag brought to the concert. Tanzania also this month clamped down on the LGBT community, raiding a summit and arresting legal experts who had had been discussing a proposed legal challenge to an anti-LGBT government policy. Human Rights Campaign sent a letter to еру Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, writing: “We urge you to personally speak out. Doing so will save lives. When you are silent, the perpetrators of this violence see America not as a moral leader — but as a government that will look the other way. In addition, we ask you to demonstrate America’s commitment to human rights by increasing U.S. funding for LGBTQ civil society groups around the world and making it clear to the American people, the international community and State Department staff that supporting and protecting the human rights of LGBTQ people remains a State Department commitment and priority.’


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