Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein are reportedly curing from sex addiction


An actor and a filmmaker who both faced tonnes of accusations of sexual assault from their co-workers are now apparently seeking medical help to overcome the addiction. Kevin Spacey has reportedly checked into a $36,000-per-month sex addiction clinic in Arizona, the unknown source told Daily Mail. As for Weinstein, he could be somewhere out there too as some reports suggested he was noticed The Meadows, after he was apparently seen in disguise at a restaurant in nearby city Phoenix. The clinic includes swimming pool, yoga, tai chi, horse riding classes and many other facilities. It also runs a program called ‘Gentle Paths,’ which supposedly treats male sex-addiction through methods such as ‘Expressive Arts’ and ‘Equine Therapy.’ Spacey came out as gay last week, following allegations that he made sexual advances on a teenage boy in 1986. In a Twitter post, Spacey said he had been in relationships with both men and women in his life but said he chose to live as a gay man. His coming out caused negative reaction of many of his celebrity colleagues.


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