Man accused of infecting 5 men with HIV hoped to cure by drinking urine


Daryll Rowe, from Edinburgh, is accused of infecting partners he met on Grindr with HIV after allegedly “tampering with the condoms” during sex if his partners did not agree to have unprotected sex. He is charged with infecting five men with the virus between October 2015 and December 2016 and planned to infect 5 more. He did not admit guilt saying he was unaware that he could pass the virus and ‘treated’ it with the vegan eating lifestyle and drinking his own urine. Prosecutor Caroline Carberry QC said his claim he thought alternative urine therapy was curing him was a “nonsense” to explain the “campaign” he embarked on to infect men with HIV. But the defendant still insisted that he was curing himself that way. Doctors said Rowe coped well with the diagnosis, but became concerned when he refused antiretroviral drugs that can make those infected person less contagious. Doctors also warned him about how HIV is transmitted.


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