Star Trek actress talked to Piers Morgan about gender fluidity


Sonequa Martin-Green told the TV host that people are free to express their gender the way they want to. She’s currently starring in Star Trek: Discovery as Michael – a female character named after her father. ‘My character is named after her biological father… That is simply but profoundly a political statement of the gender fluidity of the future, where a daughter can be named after her father,’ Martin-Green said. And as we all know, Piers Morgan is not a huge fan of gender fluidity, he is afraid that the gender neutral uniform policy will force boys wear dresses. This time he did not betray himself too, saying : ‘I’m very confused and unsettled by gender fluidity, people who wake up one day and think they’re Sonequa and the next day Michael.’ He asked the actress what would happen if her kids were gender fluid and she responded that they would be loved unconditionally no matter what. To this Morgan asked her to say whether gender fluidity is good or bad. To this she replied: ‘Oh goodness. I don’t think anyone can speak… in those sort of personal terms because it is such an individual senstive highly personal sort of thing. Everyone has a right to their individual highly person things. That’s part of being a human-being. At least that’s the way it should be.’


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