The number of homophobic attacks in Australia is at the record high


Although the outcome of the Australian marital survey postage vote looks like most Australians support same-sex marriages, there are still those who don’t, and they promote their point of view very rudely and violently. According to the LGBTI Legal Service, who have kept track of the attacks since the postal vote began, 220 hate speech cases were recorded by now. Matilda Alexander, President of the LGBTI Legal Service, said that for now there is no queer person in Australia which would not be publicly condemned or even abused for just being who they are, pushing the progress in LGBT acceptance 3 decades back. “The Postal Survey has opened the door to homophobia and vilification being expressed under the guise of legitimate debate,” she says. The LGBTI Legal Service, based in Queensland, said it was preparing a complaint under anti-discrimination laws. The postal vote, which has not been subject to the same laws as a referendum, which would prevent campaigners from using malicious or misleading campaign materials, led Opposition Leader Bill Shorten to lambast the Prime Minister and declare him responsible “for every hurtful bit of filth that this debate will unleash.”


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