What do Australian kids think of marriage equality?


Journalist Patrick Abboud took to the streets of Australia to ask kids what they think of marriage between people of the same sex. A boy named Archie is just 6 but he is ready to support equal marriages by putting rainbow flags in people’s mailboxes though nobody told him to. ‘When we got our ballot papers through, he said, “Can I fill it out? Because I want to have my say,” the boy’s mom says. And Archie goes on: ‘Do you know what? If you guys come back and film me, more people will see me and my [rainbow-colored] kite on TV, and more people would vote yes. Wouldn’t that be so cool?’ Exactly, it would be SO COOL!

‘I believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman. And for a child to grow up they should have a father figure and a mother figure,’ says Monique, aged 14. The dialogue took place at the anti-LGBT rally. Adults refused to speak to the journalist.

Jim, who is the same age as Monique, lives in a rural area and tries to promote pro-equality views among older people who are often too conservative. Jim began an Instagram account using photos of locals he’s convinced to sport rainbow socks for the cause. Using the hashtag #SocksForSameSexMarriage, Jim hopes to convince more people to vote yes on marriage equality.

A 9-year-old named Eadie is a neighbor of one of the most homophobic Australians – Tony Abbott. And she writes him letters saying that his attitude to LGBT people is unfair because he bullies them and hurts their feelings, and even schoolgirls of her age know that it is wrong.‘I think we need to hear kid’s voices more. Let’s ask them the things that they’re really thinking about,’Eadie’s mom Peta Morris says. ‘Children are incredible because they see the world as they see it. There is no filter.’


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