Tom Daley and Tyler Oakley talked about celebrity crushes


The LGBT campaigning videoblogger and the recently married UK Olympian had a very interesting conversation about the types of guys they would prefer among celebrities Tyler said that at that certain moment he had a crush on Joe Jonas and his mustache. Tom, in turn, said that if he could fall in love with someone else but his deeply loved husband Lance (though we all knoow that it is impossible!) , then it would be a 19-year-old Canadian Shawn Mendez. Daley has never met the singer personally, but Oakley did and he shared a story of how it had happened, he was nervous, excited and sweating “as everyone would be, because it’s Shawn Mendez,” Tyler said, so there was no need to ask Tom whose private concert he would like to have. The answer was the same – Shawn Mendez. The diver was confused on whether his husband would be jealous, and in the end he found a solution – Lance could be there too and as a filmmaker he could create a video of that moment which would be later watched on Youtube.


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