Trans woman took over a homophobic rival


Danica Roem has just become the first trans woman elected to state office in the US, defeating a Republican candidate Bob Marshall, who is known for strongly opposing LGBT and standing behind the ridiculous bathroom bill. Roem was endorsed by former Vice President Joe Biden and ran on a platform of improving access to public services, he misgendered his rival using male pronouns and saying that gender reassignment surgery is unable to change the DNA, so that Danica cannot be referred to as a woman, he believes. If to judge by the DNA, though, we are all kind of intersex, because the DNA is inherited from our biological mother and father. But DNA does not define the biological sex and of course it cannot define the gender identity. This is what Danica could reply to her opponent when she won, but she was wise enough not to do so and to say that tearing each other down won’t lead to any results.


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