Homophobic Senate Candidate Roy Moore Accused of Pedophilia


Leigh Coffman who is no already 53 years old tells the terrible story happened with her a long time ago. According to her words she was pursued and engaged in sexual relations by the famous homophobic candidate of Senate Roy Moore. She was that only 14 and he 32.

But it is not the single instance. It was also turned out that three more girls (already women) were victims of Moore. He was about 30 and these women teenagers.

Leigh Corfman tells Moore met her in 1979 being a district attorney when she was outside a courtroom. At that moment Corfman’s mother was inside the courtroom and Moore was with Corfman. He asked to give him her phone number, which she gave him. Later they would go on dates to Moore’s home where he attempted to have her fondle him. Leigh had made clear him about her age (she was only 14).

Corfman says she got away from this difficult relationship, but that made her drive to drink, use illegal drugs. Moreover, she tried to commit suicide. Other victims were Gloria Thacker Deason, Wendy Miller, Debbie Wesson and Wendy Miller Gibson. He had dates with them but it lasted not a long time. Moore proposed girls alcohol.

But Moore says all these accusations are without basis. It all will be proven. And Moore should understand that when it comes out as true he has no other choice but step aside.


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