5 magical LGBT movie locations to visit in your lifetime


1 Call Me By Your Name – Crema, Italy

As far as we know it is the most popular LGBT movie of this year. The most actions of the movie happen close to the small city Crema what is not far from Milan. Charming, beautiful scenery we saw in movie are opened for all the people. So if you will be near you should visit it!

2 The Kids Are All Right – LA, California

Here we could not see all the glamour of Hollywood. But we have much better opportunity – we can enjoy bohemian and heartbreaking Echo Park. In general it is actually a story about family and donorship.

3 Stranger By the Lake – Provence, France

This is erotic horror. The lake represented here is located in Provence. At the same time it is a popular cruising place for really handsome gay Frenchmen. It’s more a gay utopia. But turn of events is heartbreaking. You should watch it.

4 The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert – The Australian Outback

The movie that inspired its own Broken Heel – popular drug fest. We can watch the story about two drag queens and one transgender woman who trip. It is a bus tour beginning from Sydney and ending in Alic Springs. Beautiful landscapes and charming surrounding nature. Homophobia and death are included.

5 Carol – New York City, New York State

If you are a fan of Manhattan glamour and romance in general you should watch it. Shopping places, Central Park, pleasing streets and cozy cafes – romantic atmosphere as a trip advice for you and your friend!


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