Trans Women take control of their health


The statistic shows that black and Latina transgender women are twice as likely to get tested for HIV than Caucasian transgender women. The research — which sought to identify HIV testing patterns among transgender individuals in an urban setting — also found that trans women were three times as likely to get tested than trans men.

The study (recently published in Volume 2 of Transgender Health) also showed that HIV testing among transgender adults was higher in those who identified as female, were African-American or Hispanic, or had a history of incarceration. The higher rates may in part be attributed to the availability of HIV testing within the prison system — with trans women often continuing to seek HIV testing once out of prison.

The majority of the participants were transgender females (there were four trans men in the study). Forty percent were Caucasian, nearly 30 percent African-American, and more than half were current sex workers or had been incarcerated. Nearly all of the respondents reported a history of substance abuse and most were uninsured. Trans women be attentive with your health, to avoid HIV disease.


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