Yet another study finds kids with same-sex parents do just as well as those with straight parents


1/3 of citizens in America are against the adoption for LGBT members. According to the latest studies same-sex couples cope with children well. Another one study was held. It was examined behavior of the transgender families and behavior of ordinary families with kids.

More than 20000 kids were researched. It was inspected their emotional and mental health state while communication with parents. As it was turned out, same-sex parents cope with kids much better. However there is one important drawback in it – psychological problem in the society of children who have same-sax parents because such families are more visible for people.

According to the study held in 2015 more than a third of Americans don’t believe that LGBT people should have the right for adoption. More and more claims appear.

It was stated by the Australian government study that children of same-sex couples show more open-mindedness as for gender and family diversity. The government tries to provide a huge support for same-sex parents.


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