49% of Australians support service workers in their right to reject same-sex weddings


Just a few days left to the date, when the results of an independent postal survey on the marriage equality in Australia will finally be announced. It is necessary to admit that a plebiscite on the marriage equality was launched in Australia to determine people’s opinion on marriage equality and to help the government of the country to make a decision on whether to legalize same-sex marriage or not. Results of the survey are non-binding and only can be taken into account during the voting on the issue in the government.

As far as numerous polls predict a huge lead of a “Yes” campaign, the latest one has revealed interesting data. In a poll for Lonergan Research, 49% of Australians said they support service workers being able to reject gay couples, such as refusing to bake their wedding cake. Just 35% thought same-sex couples should have the same access to goods and services, while 15% were unsure. People, who voted “No” in the postal survey were most likely to back the right of service providers to reject gay weddings. The poll also found that, even among supporters of equal marriage, 39% agreed with the proposition. It should be necessary to remind that this proposition has been offered for the voting as a response of right-wing government politicians, who oppose marriage equality. Nevertheless, Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull, who supports same-sex marriage, stated earlier this month that same-sex couples could be married by the end of the 2018 if majority of voters will back “Yes” . However, anti-gay MPs within the governing Liberal-National Coalition say they will not be conceding – even if the public gives a strong backing for marriage equality.


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