Six injured after man throws ‘acid’ at LGBTI activists in Moscow


6 LGBT advocates were offended while one person has supposedly attacked them with a some substance. This incident took place in Moscow. On the 11thNovember, six advocates were leaving the Fourth LGBT Family Conference that was prepared by LGBT group. Among the offended persons was one well-known activist Zoya Matisova. She was recently begun to cooperate with the Russian LGBT Network.

Mikhail Tumasov, who is chief of this Network, assumed that some of the victims were even knocked to the ground and got some injuries. At the same time police and ambulance pulled up to the place of incident.

During the attacks must be used some kind of acid, as it was tipped. Tumasov said that the smell of this this stuff reminded acetone.

People wanted to know how the attacker got knows about the location where conference was held. The LGBT Network in Russia were about to criticize the attack as a hate crime on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

LGBT activists are still oppressed. But as we know Russia has decriminalized homosexuality in 1993. In 2013 it was introduced anti-gay propaganda law in Russia. This law is against promoting ‘non-traditional sexual relationships‘.


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