Amber Heard reveals why she doesn’t label her sexuality


Amber Heard is known as an actress and Queen of Atlantis and ex of Johny Depp. But it is not so common knowledge that she is LGBT advocate at the same time.

All her fans can be happy, because she will appear on the cover of the popular magazine Allure in December’s circulation and gives interview there. So you will have a possibility to learn more about Heard’s life, about her public activities and sexuality.

Some facts from this interview are already open. When she was young (16), she was already supporter of ALU. One more fact is that she has collection of propaganda from World War II. Moreover she tells about domestic violence.

It was also turned out, that Amber has in relation with men and women. This made a journalist ask her direct question about her sexual orientation. She answered only that she likes who she likes and that her private life is her private life. But then she added that she was afraid to come out with women because it could be bad for her career.


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