Colin Ireland is a murderer of five gay men


What stupid things are doing people to become famous. A serial killer Colin Ireland murdered five gay men in London during the 1990s. A newly released documentary reveals the possible motives behind his killings in never before seen police interviews. Ireland, who died in Wakefield prison in 2012, said he thought of being a serial killer as a “career” that would make him “famous”.

Ireland was 37 when he murdered Peter Walker, 49, Christopher Dunn, 37, Perry Bradley, 35, Andrew Collier, 33, and Emmanuel Spiteri, 41.The CBS documentary, Voice of a Serial Killer, explores the motivations behind Ireland’s infamous killings. Through recordings of police interviews of the killer never before released to the public, Ireland details his horrific crimes and the explains why he targeted gay men.

Ireland was active from 8 March until 12 June 1993, killing five men in just 15 days, all of whom were gay. He frequented the Coleherne’s Arms, a gay pub in London, in order to find victims, often choosing ones who preferred sadomasochism so he was able to restrain the men whilst they believed his actions were part of a sexual game.

At the time of the killings, Ireland was unemployed, and interviews with the police reveal he was looking for a new career and made a conscious decision to become a serial killer, as a way of bringing him fame. He told police that his reasons for killing gay men were so they “keep their mouths shut and don’t tell the police things”.


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