Condom company celebrates Aussie same-sex marriage win with 61.6% discount


Long thirteen years passed through and only now after this long battle Aussies have finally expressed their opinion and say that they support marriage equality. According to the postal survey on same-sex marriage more than 60% of Australian citizens voted in favor of marriage equality. All the activists are about to celebrate this event all night long. SKYN Condoms Australia is giving customers a 60% (the same percentage as it was voted for the marriage equality) reduction on all its products to celebrate it. It is also really clever advertising gimmick for SKYN Condoms and moreover it is the best way to come into notice. SKYN’s plan now is reducing the cost of everything on its Internet website, beginning from condoms to different lubricant.

This news became really good for people and began to make posts on Twitter with this information. “Let’s face it, we probably didn’t need another reason to scream loud ‘yes’ tonight, but we’ll take it.”

The sale will last for 24 hours but with a standard pack of condoms dropping to AU$3.84 (US$2.90), and people should move quicker to buying at a profit.


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