Man proposes at gay water polo game after Aussies say ‘yes’ to marriage equality


The proposal comes out after legalization of same-sex marriage in Australia this month. A man’s perfect proposal of marriage in Melbourne is connected with the legalization of marriage equality in the Australian postal survey.

Mark Keevers made a proposal to his partner Andrew after the Melbourne Surge match. Andrew is a member of gay water polo team. After same-sex marriage legalization Keevers was so happy so he needed no longer time to wait for making a proposal. He decided to do this on the next day after legalization.

Moreover, Keevers is proud of the whole nation because beginning from the voting day he feels himself legitimate and the same in spite of his sexual orientation.

The preparation was thought-out. At the moment when match ended, Mark walked to Andrew and put a rainbow flag towel around Andrew’s shoulders. The song Hold My Hand by Jess Glynne was on and it is so symbolical because it was favorite song of the couple.

Some of team players quickly stripped down to their swimsuits .Then they turned around to show each player with letter on their backsides where stand ‘marry me’. Mark then gave unforgettable speech before he asked Andrew to marry him. Of course the answer was YES!


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