Thinking that a boy was gay, the man tortured and killed him


Parents, be attentive with your children, to avoid such accidents that happened with this eight-year-old boy. A jury will now decide if Isauro Aguirre, 37, will be handed a death sentence after being convicted of the first-degree murder of Gabriel Fernandez.

Aguirre was going out with Gabriel’s mother, Pearl Fernandez, who has pleaded not guilty ahead of her separate trial over her son’s death, according to the LA Times. The court heard how Aguirre’s eight-month-long abuse of the 4’1″ child including beating, whipping, shooting and starving him, as well as feeding him cat faeces and his own vomit.

Detective Elliot Uribe told the court that the suffering inflicted on Gabriel constituted “the worst injuries I’ve ever seen on a child.” When the verdict was handed down, Hatami let his emotions flood out, embracing the dead child’s father. Criminalists said during the trial that Aguirre had repeatedly slammed Gabriel’s head into the walls of their home, causing hundreds of blood stains and dents. Forensic testing also revealed that Gabriel’s blood was on multiple items in the home, including a wooden club, a baseball bat and computer cords. The victim’s teenage siblings also testified, causing jurors to sob uncontrollably as they described the horrific torture they had seen. Ezequiel, 16, and Virginia, 14, said Aguirre shot Gabriel in the face and groin with a BB gun and beat him using wire hangers and a belt buckle.


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