Canada army enlisters at transgender job fair “racism”


One Canadian transgender job fair organized by a former Kenyan refugee has been criticized for inviting military recruiters. Biko Beauttah said that she asked the army to visit the event for her grandfather’s honor. He was a Kenyan major general. But other transgender rights activists say that the military have an “abuse” to their community.

Whereas the criticism, Ms Beauttah said that this celebrate will take place in Toronto on Day of Trans Remembrance on Monday, where she added that transgender people always feel discrimination, violence and outrage. She says that it is very difficult to find work in Canada because of transphobia. T the present time she is an activist and member of the board at Pride Toronto. “I decided to do this work for the long run and my community will benefit society,” she told. “All you need is an idea and you can simply change the world”, she successful claimed.

There will be 15 employers in trade fair, including Toronto-Dominion Bank and bookstore chain Indigo too. The Canadian Armed Forces sends two effectives to find possible transgender recruits. Some members of the transgender community have been irked by presence of the military. One group for LGBTQ-people, Transroots Toronto, says the job fair is a “racist act”.

Transroots Toronto has written on Facebook: “In view of the ongoing history of military and police violence against trans people, and of police disinterest to anti-trans violence generally, presence of military or police at an event specifically for LGBTQ-people is at bottom a violent act”.


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