Starbucks’ new Christmas ad features same-sex couples and is considered to be a gay agenda


Starbucks is the most famous American coffee company, which is known worldwide. It has a chain of more than 23 thousands of coffeehouses all across the globe. In November 2015 Starbucks started a trend, which became an annual part of Christmas holiday’s agenda for all coffee drinkers from a popular brand. They launched famous red cups, which had festive greeting written on them instead of buyers’ names. This year is not an exception. Alongside with a new Christmas menu come customer’s well-loved red cups. By the way, Starbucks Company is trying to move away from the name “red cups”, as they’ve become known, and instead call them “Christmas cups”. For 2017, the famous brand decided to present it’s first-ever color-in Christmas cup, just in time to coincide the new design with the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Christmas cup from Starbucks. The design is hand-drawn, featuring a pair of hands holding red cups of coffee connected by swirling ribbons with lively Christmas scenes and splashes of red and green. Some people suggest that those hands might be of a same-sex couple. But the talking point of Starbuck’s Christmas agenda became not only a new design of the festive red cup, but also a Christmas advertisement, which features a same-sex couple of women, who are about to kiss over their coffee treat. The coffee company refused to comment the gender of the hands on the cup and only stated that “the cup is just the beginning”. It caused an extensive discussion on social media with allegations that “it might be the beginning of the gay agenda”.

Actually, Starbucks coffee company has been an active supporter of LGBTQ rights since 2012, when it first spoke in favor of marriage equality. In 2014, Starbucks collaborated with police in Seattle, to turn all its coffee shops in the city into “safe spaces” for the victims of homophobic crime. The world-known coffee brand also launched an advertisement campaign, featuring two famed drag artists. The chain has been an active supporter of the annual Pride London for the recent years, and in 2016 it even created a rainbow latte art to celebrate the event. The company also raises a rainbow flag for Pride month each time during the last four years.


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