Turkish authorities has banned all LGBT+ events in the country, indicating on “public sensitivity”


Several days after a German gay film festival has been abolished in the capital of Turkey – Ankara, country’s authorities decided to move on and to ban all the LGBT+ events, which were settled to be held in the country due to so-called “public sensitivity”. This means that none of the public show, any kind of performance or massive rally is to be held on the streets of the city. Ankara governor’s office has released an official clarification on the issue, which stated: “Starting from the 18th November, 2017, concerning our community’s public sensitivity, any events such as LGBT cinema, theatre, panels, interviews, exhibitions are banned until further notice in our province to provide peace and security”.

Such strong measures had been taken by the government of Ankara with all that’s happened in the country before. Earlier this year, a Pride celebration was cancelled for the second consecutive year, and even when rallies took to the streets anyway, several of them were detained by authorities. It came after another LGBT event was cancelled and resulted in Turkish police using rubber bullets and tear gas on demonstrators. Turkish authorities explain their severe actions with the rise of a threat against the public order and public health from the ultranationalist groups. According to the latest news from Turkey, radical nationalism movement has a great influence in the country and fights against all the minority groups, calling them “human garbage”.


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