Australian Prime Minister appoints “religious freedom” review to calm anti-gay marriage lobby


Malcolm Turnbull, an Australian Prime Minister tries to calm anti-gay conservatives in his party by holding a “religious freedom” review. The country is still in the process of passing the same-sex marriage through Parliament after a public voting in which Australians supposed marriage equality by a margin of just 61.6 percent to 38 percent.

As the voting was only factsheet, legislation in this matter is depends up to Parliament – where lawgivers in Malcolm Turnbull’s conservative Coalition government are divided and continue to cover the ground. Hardline Conservatives have supposed corrections to ensure the law enshrines the „freedom to discriminate” against same-sex couples for people who disagree with equal marriage, while LGBT supporters stand with a „clear” marriage bill that does not counterwork existing rights.

Today Turnbull proclaimed the “religious freedom” review that will be approved unconnected with the marriage debate. It will take place to forge a consensus between other sides. The consideration will be headed by former Liberal frontbencher Philip Ruddock. He is a strong opponent of LGBT-rights who was a follower in 2004 who banned the same-sex communities and outlaw adoption by same-sex couples.

Equality activists fear that the consideration will be used to stand against LGBT-rights protections through a religious “license to discriminate” in point of gay couples. Turnbull said that the approaching legalization of equal marriage has a variety of motions for legislative law to protect freedom of religion. Many of these motions go grout of the direct problem of marriage.

“Any reforms, which are focused on to protect religious freedom generally should be lead carefully. There is a high risk of unexpected effects when Parliament takes a shot to ensure protections for primary rights and freedoms, such as freedom of religion. “This will be a well-timed expert evaluation to inform about any necessary lawgiving reforms.”


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