A transgender Oasis Academy student has been humiliated in front of the whole class for wearing make-up


Recently, it became known that a transgender pupil of the Oasis Academy in Kent, United Kingdom was sent home for wearing wig and putting make-up on his face. This happened in front of the whole class and caused serious psychological trauma to the kid. A 16-years-old’s mother was truly outraged, it all would have happened in the educational institution, which describes itself as a “fully inclusive Academy”.

Due to the research of Stonewall organization, made in 2017, more than four in five transgender students have self-harmed and about a half of them have attempted suicide. Two-thirds of trans kids are bullied, while one in ten have received death threats at school. Turning to the situation, which happened in a Kent Oasis Academy, it must be noted that the mother of humiliated trans pupil has now taken her child out of the school. While remembering the early years of her kid, the woman pointed out that the kid had struggled with gender identity disorder since they were two years old. And after years of dressing as a girl at home, this was the first time they had summoned the courage to express themselves as female in public. She commented: “He finally built up enough confidence and he was rejected.” Allegedly, a transgender student was dismissed from the classroom by his teacher, who told him to go home and wash his face and take the wig off his head. In other words, teenager was told to become a boy, despite the fact that they identify themselves as a girl. The mother of an offended teenager has asked for a written apology from the academy, but has only been answered that the pupil missed too many classes as he had not attended school for two weeks after the incident. A meeting with the principal of the Oasis Academy did not result in any agreement. Discussions are ongoing, with the school intending to get its regional director to sit down with the pair.


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