Egypt’s shocking homophobic purge


The government of Egypt is intentional fuelling a homophobic „moral panic“ in order to build support for a homophobic savage persecution, it is reported.
Recently arrests of gay people in Egypt have high grown, fuelled in part by the country’s media. Sources on the ground have continually raised the alarm about Egyptian „Public Morality Investigation Unit“, which actively aims at the gay community with raids and entrapment.

In September this year the situation degenerated. The waving of a rainbow flag at a music concert was derided on a massive scale in the press, what lead to a dramatic break-up. A report says: “ The Public Morality Investigation Unit’s campaign is against LGBTQ -individuals and gay men or those perceived as such.” EIPR estimates found on media monitoring and show that 232 people were arrested from 2013 and 2017.

The rest of accidents vary between men who dress in women’s clothes, in addition to the usual methods of reports got by the police. The morality police tried to dramatize various incidents to make them seem like the most important events.

One victim said: “The police beat and insulted us. We were wearing nothing but towels, and news correspondent was standing there and was filming us very proudly. He was instructing others correspondents to film us and telling us that we are sexual deviants.

The case files and the media coverage point to three main models in this break-up. The first and most common is the entrapment of individuals, especially Tran’s women, through fake accounts on LGBTQ-dating applications and websites. The second model is the deportation by the Ministry of Interior of foreign citizens who are suspected of homosexuality even when debauchery charges are not proved to be true, and sometimes without even the judicial proceedings.


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