In what way you should to talk to your kids about same-sex marriage


It’s difficult for parents to discuss with their children about same-sex couples. That’s why there are some advise how to speak about transgender people. Here are some things that can help make these conversations easier. Start by having open communication and letting your child know that you are willing to answer their questions. Conversations should be brief and factual.

Discourage your child from colloquial use of terms such as “gay” or “homo” to represent things that are negative or bad. Although often not purposely used to be hateful, these expressions can be quite commonplace in schools and carry negative connotations for LGBTQI+ people. Young children may have limited exposure to same-sex couples and “non-traditional” family structures, so it is important that parents help normalise all family types. Explain that some families have one mummy and one daddy, while other families might have two mummies or two daddies.

There are many benefits of having open, clear, factual discussions with children about relationships and sexuality from an early age. When parents talk to their children about sexuality-related issues, children are likely to feel good about themselves, their bodies and their gender. Parents should be aware that their child may be a target of homophobic bullying, especially as the same-sex marriage debate continues. Ask your child if they are OK and let them know you are always available should they need to talk. Be prepared to help your child respond effectively to bullying and to be an advocate for them at school.


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