Meet the trans women giving an education to ‘untouchable’ kids in India


When someone wants to do something good for other Indian transgender women have decided to make sure kids from the ‘untouchable’ caste get a quality education.
Priyanka together with her acquaintances are providing schooling for about 50 kids in the West Bengal city of Malda.These kids belong to the Dalit community. The problem is this community and kids here are deemed untouchable in the Hindu caste system. It is really difficult, even impossible for kids to be applied to ordinary school as they are unlikely there.

These kids suffer because impoverished families cannot afford education and often take their wards along while doing manual scavenging, some cleaning tasks, or something like that.

So Priyanka wanted to do something good for kids. She opened a school at a local club house this summer. The school provides teaching all educational levels. Sometimes it is difficult to create new learning material as kids have different education levels. So all the lessons must be well thought-out.

There are lessons on basic maths, biology, English, science ect. Priyanka is sure this idea is a good start to get children up to scratch. So she hopes these kids can go back to schools soon. Priyanka’s school is just one of many examples of transgender women stepping up for their communities and it is really great..


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