Record-breaking 1 in 7 same-sex couples adopting kids, new figures reveal


Surprisingly, heterosexuals are adopting less children than same-sex couples. During the last period of time it was turned out that number of child adoptions by the same-sex couple has in England and Wales noticeably increased. The research showed that one in seven couples was approved by social workers to adopt children were in same-sex relations.

According to the Wilsons’ research the number of same-sex couple that have adopted children was grown to 585 this year (for example this number was 510 in the year 2013). It is about 15% percentagewise. Wilsons official lawyer Sarah Wood-Heath says it means that more children have better chances to start their new family life now. As we know, since 2013 same-sex marriages are legal in the country, so since that time the number is really noticeably increased.

But there is sad situation with heterosexual couples. The number of adoptions by these couple decreased. According to the statistics this number arranged 27%. Аirst of all it is connected with medical breakthroughs. Five years ago the UK government granted rights for same-sex couples to legally adopt children.

United Kingdom is also one of 14 countries in the whole world where same-sex couples can adopt children according to Pink Parents (British LGBT adoption site Pink Parents).


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