Germany’s first out trans military commander spoke about Trump’s ban on trans militants


Anastasia Biefang, a lieutenant colonel, came out as trans to her superiors in 2015, since than her career sprung and now she commands a logistics unit of more than 700 soldiers. And clearly she has something to tell Donald Trump who tries to ban people like her in the USA from serving. The woman who is in military for more than two decades feels that the decisions like that are a smack into face. Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen has defended Germany’s decision to let trans people serve openly in the military. The highest court in Germany earlier this week voted to strengthen intersex identity rights after lawmakers passed a motion to legally recognise a third gender on official documents. Ruling in favour of an appeal brought by an intersex person, a top court in Germany approved the use of a third gender on official documentation, and required parliament to recognise the gender from birth.


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