Julia Hartley-Brewer lashes out at gender-neutral changing rooms policy in Topshop


Radio host Julia Hartley-Brewer has condemned gender-neutral changing rooms recently launched by Topshop. Presenting her show on TalkRadio, the hist said that it would not be hard for a rapist or a paedophile to pretend being trans in order to get access to women in dressing rooms. She added that she completely supports trans people and their basic rights, but she is very afraid that trans people and the rule which is aimed to protect them would be used to cover potential criminals. Appearing on the show with Hartley-Brewer, boxing promoter Kellie Maloney suggested that:”maybe stores should have three sets of changing rooms – one for females, one for males and one for people that are going through the transition”. Maloney added: “Sometimes I would say to the shop assistant, ‘you know that I’m a transgender person? Is it ok if I can use your changing room?’ To be honest no one ever said no to me – including Topshop, at the time.”


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