Australian straight couple that promised to divorce if same-sex marriages arelegalized is still unsure about common future


In their 2015 statement to Canberra’s CityNews, Nick and Sarah Jensen said they would still “live together and call each other ‘husband and wife’ – in the ‘eyes of God’”. However, if gay people are allowed to marry, than it seems unfair for them to be married on the same legal basis as theiy are, to put their union in one line with same-sex unions. . According to Australian law, the couple must live separately for 12 months, and prove their marriage is “irreconcilably broken”, so divorce for them is not a sign of protest, but a sad reality. A Facebook event called “Celebrating Nick and Sarah Jensen’s divorce” was created soon after the couple’s announcement, gaining over 140,000 RSVPs in the first week. The spouses, who have been married for a decade, have said that they will hold out until any new legislation regarding same-sex marriage is released to decide what situation they are in and what to do next. Speaking to the Daily Mail Australia, Nick insisted that it was “not a form of protest”. He explained: “10 years ago we made an agreement with the state about what marriage was, and that was that it is a fundamental order of creation and part of God’s intimate story for human history, man and woman for the sake of children.If the state goes down the line of changing this definition and changing the terms of that contract then that is something we can no longer partake in.”


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