Pink told James Corden about celebrity crush, husband’s jealousy and singing upside down


Taking part in Carpool Karaoke the prominent LGBT ally and the mother of two revealed, that she wrote her first song when she was 14 and it was an anthem of her generation. Later she was an opening act for N’SYNC and it was the first time for her to go on tour. Joey Fatone visited her dressing room and even went out with her – she insists it was a friendly date, but it is still controversial whether Joey thought so too. She also said she sang better when she was upside down and she checked the theory immediately with Corden. Furthermore she opened up about having a celebrity crush. When Pink was 8, she fell in love with John Bon Jovi. But finding out he was married little Alicia (Pink’s real name) felt heartbroken and threw her idol’s posters away, staying locked in her room for days and crying. By the way, later she met Bon Jovi and told him about it. He sent her a present, but her current husband Carey threw this present out. She was not angry, she thinks that her husband is perfect and he is the only man she needs. As for Bon Jovi, she sill admires him as a musician, and childish celebrity crush is only a sweet memory.


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