Right-wing politicians in Australia say they won’t stop fighting against LGBT rights even if the parliament supports them


Right-wing politicians are plotting to implement a marriage bill that permits widespread discrimination if the parliament votes in favor of same-sex marriages taking the postal vote results into consideration. Liberal senator James Paterson is to introduce a bill that would override any anti-discrimination laws passed by state and territory level legislatures. It will permit anyone who holds a religious or “conscientious belief” in traditional marriage to refuse same-sex weddings, which actually means that the private service providers would be able to discriminate against same-sex couples. And what is really terrifying, almost a half of Australians are ready to support it. In a poll for Lonergan Research, 49% said they support service workers being able to reject gay couples, such as refusing to bake their wedding cake.Just 35% thought same-sex couples should have the same access to goods and services, while 15% were unsure. Marriage equality supporters have heavily criticised the Liberal proposal, which could gain the support of many No voters in parliament.


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