Teenagers sent to trial for abusing a boy and filming it


A 13 and 14-year-old girl are facing trial for filming a teenager who was forced to strip naked and then robbed. The hate crime, which took place in Michigan, saw a 17-year-old Trevor Goldbolt rob the victim of his phone and his possessions, then they forced him to undress and then beat him up. When Goldbolt tells the victim to run off, he is chased by two the girls, one of whom is filming the assault. She laughs and yells, “catch him.” The video of the attack was posted to social media. The attackers chanted homophobic slurs that allowed to suggest that the boy’s sexuality was the motive. Godbolt, 18, was on the run from law but now he is caught and brought to the trial where he was charged with robbery and false imprisonment. Godbolt can be seen grabbing and beating the victim who begged him to stop. In his trial, Godbolt admitted that he targeted the victim because he’s gay.


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