Alex Jones said a lesbian woman had kids in order to enslave them


Anti-gay radio host Alex Jones and the guest of his show Gavin McInnes spent almost three minutes on The Alex Jones Show offending lesbian women, calling them d*kes and saying they were all domestic abusers. The rant resulted from an encounter Jones and his family had with a woman running a riding ranch they were attending, Jones believed that woman to be a lesbian. “A couple of weeks ago, my wife had some family in town. They went out to this horse riding place, and it was a lesbian that ran it,” he said, “She literally was bossing everyone around and then hitting on my wife’s niece, who’s like 18, openly, and bossing the women around”. Going on he said that the alleged lesbian treated her own child as a slave. “And then she would brag about how she had her son under her control. And she was just having kids to have slaves,” he assumes, adding that lesbian women were pretending to be men but turned into caricatures for men. “Sort of like a 1950s guy, so they’ll have like a pompadour and sideburns with a little thin mustache and a wife beater, and they’ll come home and go, ‘Hey, where’s my lunch, bitch?’ he ends his hateful speech.


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