Blackmailers demanded money from a gay man to keep his sexuality in secret


Michael Rose, 20 and Elliot Haynes, 19, who live in Portsmouth, insisted on another man giving them £3600 otherwise they would tell everybody he was gay. They threatened their victim and Facebook and bused him verbally, calling him a sick peadophile. The victim was allegedly accepting money for intimate pictures – of which he says he received £100 in return for them. And Haynes reportedly was the one who sent him a picture of his genitalia. The pair threatened to beat the victim up and sent him incessant messages demanding money. The victim was hurt so deeply that even tried to take his own life several times. In court, te victim said he didn’t feel able to tell his parents about being gay at the time, and the thugs’ behavior made him feel frightened and anxious. “You colluded in targeting and picking on a vulnerable young man to exploit who he was, given there were clearly issues about what he would be comfortable telling his parents,” said the ruling judge. Rose was sentenced to two years imprisonment for the crime, and Haynes has a 12-month sentence suspended for two years. He will have to complete 240 days of unpaid work, 20 days of rehabilitation days and 19 sessions of thinking skills.


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