Married lesbian replaced a homophobic Senator in Oklahoma


Democrat candidates seem to have an upper hand in comparison to their Republican rivals, then no wonder that LGBT supporters and members of the LGBT community are replacing the opponents of LGBT rights in political structures. This is the case in Oklahoma, where a first-time candidate for office beat her rival with 1% margin. The Oklahoma State Legislature saw Oklahoma Senate District 37 has an openly lesbian Senator who is married to a woman. Mental health worker Allison Ilkley-Freeman ran her campaign on a $20,000 budget, and says she is very honored and happy to win. The newly-elected told Tulsa World: “I wasn’t looking for an easy win. I was looking for something that could be done with hard work.” When we were knocking on doors, so many people said, ‘Thank you. We didn’t know there was an election’” . She took the place of the Republican candidate Dan Newberry resigned from his post in June, and had also expressed that he supported “Christian conservative values,” saying that “traditional marriages and families must be defended”.


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