Anti-gay group opens its conference waving a rainbow flag


MassResistance, a group which is known for its extremely homophobic views, has held its annual conference in Texas earlier this month. Opening the event, the group’s chairman handed over to a dancer who appeared waving two flags which were not exactly the Pride flags but had the same rainbow-colored palette. He proceeded to do an interpretative dance with the flags, to a song that Shazam informs us is Christian singer Matthew West’s track The List. The performance lasted more than 5 minutes. The same group were also involved in the recent Values Voter Summit, where Donald Trump made an appearance as keynote speaker. That is where they spread a controversial leaflet ‘The Hazards of Homosexuality’, promoting the same-named book, accusing gay people of public health crisis. “The book brings together widely dispersed facts, carefully documenting the disproportionate incidence of disease and mental disorders in the GLB community. A brief survey of the “transgender” phenomenon is included,” the leaflet said. They also called anti-gay laws in Africa a breakdown to homosexual movement. The group’s leader previously compared in Massachusetts which aims to protect trans students were like “Nazi concentration camp guards”.


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