Government is asked to change the law ‘outing’ trans businesspeople


Former equalities minister of UK the Nicky Morgan wants to legally protect transgender people from having their birth names publicly revealed. The UK’s business directorship regulations require details about people who hold executive roles in limited companies to be published publicly via Companies House.  Details include all the previous appointments, in part pre-transition ones, when the person went by the birth name. There is no exemption for transgender people – meaning that trans people who own their own business face having their birth name published on the Internet in public access. Nicky Morgan, the former Secretary of State for Education and Minister for Women and Equalities, called for the rules to be reformed in Parliament asking to protect the privacy of trans individuals. Speaking in the Commons, she read letters from several transgender people who had gotten in touch after being outed by their Companies House listing online. Speaking in the Commons, Mrs Morgan, who currently Chairs the Treasury Select Committee, said: “The case for this small legislative change is compelling, as such a disclosure can have a profound effect on transgender people, particularly as transition and history are very personal and should be something that a person chooses to share, rather than being forced to do so by someone else.


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