Republican lawmakers would rather forbid gender at all than call trans women women


Republicans have abruptly taken the decision to stop using gendered language in the Virginia House of Delegates in order not to use female pronouns addressing to their trans fellow MP Danica Roem. Roem is set to take up her seat in the Virginia House of Delegates in January. But ahead of the new session, the Republican-controlled body changed a rule which existed for more than 4 centuries. Under the changes, politicians speaking on the floor of the House will no longer have to refer to eachother as ‘Gentleman’ or ‘Gentlewoman’ using a gender-neutral term ‘delegate’ instead. While the removal of unnecessarily-gendered language might be cheered by liberals in other occasions, the GOP’s actions appear to be preventing lawmakers from having to refer to Ms Roem as a ‘Gentlewoman’. Republicans, including Danica Roem’s former rival Bob Marshall, repeatedly misgendered her and addressed her as a malle.


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