Sam Smith got into a confusing situation trying to look sexy for Tom Hardy


Sam Smith has admitted to a very embarrassing run-in trying to impress Tom Hardy, whom Smith admires both as an actor and as a man, at the Oscar ceremony last year. As you all probably know, Sam won that day. And he also got into a big mess mistakenly calling himself the first gay Oscar winner *though he actually was the 4th one). But it was not the only trouble Sam got into – when it came to singing the song it was really hard because he knew that his celebrity crush was looking at him. Sam said it physically hurt to sing the song and he had to ‘grab his balls’ while doing it. And also Tom Hardy’s presence made him try to look sexy, though he admitted that ‘sexy’ was the least word for him to be defined by at that particular moment because he was too nervous. “When you’re singing that in front of Tom Hardy, it’s just not cool,” he confessed.


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