Australian anti-gay lobby does not give up


Parts of Australia’s anti-LGBT lobby are encouraging Parliamentarians to vote down same-sex marriage ignoring the massive support of it by the population during the nationwide pubic vote last month. As the vote was purely advisory in nature, legislation on the issue is up to Parliament – where lawmakers inside Malcolm Turnbull’s conservative Coalition government are still divided on opinions about the further future of same-sex marriages in the country. Ahead of Parliamentary debates on the issue, the groups behind the ‘No’ campaign are calling for Parliament to still vote against same-sex marriages without taking public opinion. In a release the Australian Family Association called for MPs to “vote down the Dean Smith [same-sex marriage] bill, claiming that Australians did not vote for a gender-fluid marriage. Of course they didn’t, there is no such thing, however the group claimed that equal marriage “will force gender-fluid sex education and shared-gender toilets, showers, change rooms and facilities upon school children, force women’s jails and women’s shelters to house men identifying as women with the threat of rape that that poses, allow men identifying as women to compete in women’s sporting teams and force identifying documents such as births, deaths and marriage certificates, passports and driver’s licences to include an indeterminate or unspecified gender”.


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