China has provided its first research about trans people


China’s first nationwide report on its trans population has indicated that the trans Chinese are experiencing violence against themselves massively and also suffer from mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety, which leads to self-harming and suicidal thoughts in almost a half of cases and to actual suicide attempts in 12% of cases. Most trans Chinese are also too poor to pay for the medical services which are required for them. 62% of respondents said they needed access to hormone therapy, while 51% wanted to have gender affirming treatment. Overall, just 6% were satisfied with their experiences of hormone therapy in China. And only 2% said there were enough resources for gender-affirming treatment.This new study found that trans people also face high levels of neglect, verbal, and physical abuse at home, school, work and public spaces. But more than three in four said they did not wish to seek psychological counselling as they felt that the therapist would not be able to understand their situation.


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