The thanksgiving letter Chelsea Manning wrote in prison is revealed


In 2013 Time magazine published an article by Chelsea Manning who was then in prison, but still followed the Thanksgiving Day tradition of making a ist of things she is grateful for. Manning paid tribute to civil rights leaders Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X. and gay rights campaigner Harvey Milk. “I’m thankful for people who, even surrounded by millions of Americans eating turkey during regularly scheduled commercial breaks in the Green Bay and Detroit football game; who, despite having been taught, often as early as five and six years old, that the ‘helpful natives’ selflessly assisted the ‘poor helpless Pilgrims’ and lived happily ever after, dare to ask probing, even dangerous, questions,” Manning wrote in her letter. She added that there are many truth-seekers around us. They have regular professions, they do the same routine things we do every day, some of them are our kids whom we often mistakenly consider to be too young to understand something whereas they can understand much more than their parents. These people are courageous and brave, they ask questions and find answers, they are those who make our planet spin around. “I’m also grateful for having social and human justice pioneers who lead through action, and by example, as opposed to directing or commanding other people to take action. Often, the achievements of such people transcend political, cultural, and generational boundaries. Unfortunately, such remarkable people often risk their reputations, their livelihood, and, all too often, even their lives,” Manning wrote.


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