Canadian couple denied in adoption because of being anti-gay


The evangelical couple from Alberta is suing the provincial government for not allowing them to adopt a child because of their anti-gay views. Legal documents state that the couple is employed, homeowners and that they had a “happy and healthy” community network and they wanted to adopt one child or as many as 3 siblings aged 7-17, but they specified that none of the children they are going to adopt should be gay because of their religious beliefs. When they made that specification, the Alberta Child and Family Services department put the adoption on hold. Canada’s Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF), a legal organisation is representing the couple who consider themselves to be discriminated against for their views. A statement from JCCF said: “The rejection letter enclosed a revised Home Study Report that stated the couple should not be approved as adoptive parents because they would be unable to ‘help’ a child who ‘has sexual identity issues’. The rejection letter did not explain how or why the couple would be unable to ‘help’ a child that they valued, loved and respected. The couple asked Catholic Social Services to reconsider their decision, but were refused.”


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