Jury verdict is dismissed over the lack of vetting for homophobia


The verdict returned by a jury in Florida has been thrown out as the jurors were not tested for homophobia. A verdict was given clearing police of misconduct charges after it was found that the jury could be biased over the claimant’s sexuality. He alleged that the department had forced his friend to make a false statement back in 2013. The jury cleared Smith of wrongdoing in the case, but the verdict was dismissed.According to the Miami Herald, the district court in the case had “refused” to ask jurors questions about sexual orientation bias. A second trial will now take place. The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals released a decision stating: “The district court here asked the jurors multiple questions about any biases or prejudices they might have against law enforcement. But the district court refused to ask any questions at all about prejudice on the basis of sexual orientation. Therefore, we have no way to discern whether the jury was biased against the plaintiff for that reason.”


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