Lingerie defends inviting a drag queen as a face of their campaign


Lingerie brand Playful Promises has explained using genderfluid RuPaul’s Drag Race queen Violet Chachki as its first drag representative ever. In partnership with Bettie Page Lingerie, Violet Chachki has launched a line by Playful Promises. And while the response has generally been positive, there of course were haters who considered Violet as an inappropriate choice for this role because they are not a woman. But the brand defended the drag star. “1. Violet is gender fluid. We did not choose ‘a man.’ We chose a gender-fluid person that is not represented in the media, and certainly not in the lingerie industry,” they began their statement, “We also chose to use a non-binary model because the vintage/pinup community has certain issues with gender (also racism, but that’s another thread). A non-binary model raises questions about how we view pinups of the past, and how we talk about images of women today. So many lingerie campaigns are created with the male gaze in mind. Less so than 20-30 years ago, but it’s still there,” Promises adds, “What does using a nonbinary model who is not a cis woman, shot by a woman, wearing lingerie created by women, say to you about the male gaze. Finally, were extremely proud of this campaign, we’re extremely happy with the feedback…Violet looks stunning always and… her style is so closely aligned with everything Bettie that it’s a match made in heaven.”


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