School asks pupils whether they would prefer to live next to a teen parent, a black person or a gay man


Bristol Free School received complaints from parents after their children told them about the exercise, the task of which was to choose the most ‘acceptable’ potential neighbor among the three mentioned above. Parent Naomi Davis told the BBC her 11-year-old daughter Chayse had shown her a photo of the sheet saying she did not think it would make anyone happy. As well as a black person, a teenage parent or a gay man, it included a vegetarian, someone with a learning difficulty, a hoody [sic] wearer and a guitarist in a band. So, the worst neighbor according to those who composed the task is a black gay vegetarian with a learning difficulty who is a teen parent wearing hoodie and playing the guitar. We have no doubt such people exist somewhere. And what should they do? The school said the worksheet was part of citizenship lesson, “aimed at heightening students’ understanding of the advantages of living in a diverse and inclusive society,” but the effect was quite opposite. However, she praised the school’s speedy and apologetic reaction. They said they would “review the materials as a result of her concerns.”


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